Monday, November 16, 2009

Artsy-Fartsy Gifts for Boys

Usually when I hear the term "arts and crafts" I picture little girls making bead necklaces or completing their first knitted scarf. Sexist of me, I know, but I'm just being real. However, Boy #1 is testing my preconceived notions about craftiness only being on the x-chromosome. He just made his own fleece tie blanket and is loving sewing his gym bag in Family and Consumer Sciences (formerly known as "Home Ec"). And I don't know who I'm kidding, because there is nary a crafty bone in this female body! But I decided to put together some arts-and-crafts-type gifts that would likely appeal to most boys—because it's good for boys to use their imaginations and get in touch with their creative side!

Stick It! 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects , Uncommon Goods, $13
Okay, I am definitely getting this for Boy #1. Nearly ONE HUNDRED projects you can do with duct tape?! Score! I love that Duct Tape now comes in all kids of cool colors, adding to the creative possibilities. Maybe Boy #1 can make me a new pair of glasses since mine broke and I can't afford to get a new pair until after Christmas...

Flipbook Kits , Uncommon Goods, $12
I remember making flipbooks when I was younger, or at least trying to. I wasn't very artistically inclined, as I've mentioned before. These kits allow kids to make flipbooks of their own. In the era of computer-generated cartoons, it's cool to let kids experience "old-school" animation.

Sports Crayon Rollup, My Sunshine Designs on Etsy, $7.50
Who hasn't gotten to a restaurant or the waiting room of a doctor's office and realized you have nothing for your kids to do? Throw this Crayon Rollup in your purse, and your prepared for such an emergency! I love that these come in "boy" fabrics, as well as the cute "girl" ones.

Flame Thrower's Art Smock, O My Darlin' Kids on Etsy, $18
These oilcloth smocks can be easily wiped clean, which is essential when you've got a boy armed with paint, markers, or glue! This smock reminds me of one of my husband's roommates in college, who was a very nontypical artist: a Harley-type dude who created beautiful glass-blown sculptures and stemware. Goes to show that even tough guys can be artsy.

Pogo, Large Vinyl Monster Pouch, zomb on Etsy, $16
How cute is this pouch? I totally want one for myself. This is a great pouch to store boys' pencils, colored pencils, or pens. Pair this with a cool-looking drawing notebook, and you've got yourself a gift that is sure to be a hit!

Scribbles, A Really Giant Drawing and Coloring Book by Taro Gomi,, $13.59
Long car trips, waiting rooms, restaurants, plane rides . . . the places you'll pull out this book are endless! This book is so cool because it is full of different "starters" to get kids' creative juices flowing! Warning, though, you may have to get one for your kid and one for yourself! Disclosure: If you click on the link below and end up purchasing something, I'll make a few cents. Just so ya know.

Shrinky Dinks Robots, Think Geek, $4.50
Please tell me you've made Shrinky Dinks. Did you know they still make them? I have fond memories of Shrinky Dinks...I'm pretty sure we made Barbie or Strawberry Shortcake ones. These are super cute, and will totally fascinate any boy, especially if you let him watch the shrinking "in action" through the oven window!

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