Sunday, November 1, 2009

Superhero Theme Gifts

If there's one things boys love, it's superheroes. Boys love pretending to bend clothes hangerssteel pipes, save you from the evil terrier villain, and fly with their SpongeBob beach towelSuperman cape.

Here are some gift ideas for that little superhero you know:

Ellie Bellie Kids Cape,, $30
I love the lightning bolts on these capes; not personalized but unique and ready for hours of saving the world.

Super Hero Cape and Mask, Fancy That! on Etsy, $26
I love, love, LOVE these personalized capes! I've bought quite a few for gifts and they're always a huge hit! These are very well-made and extremely reasonable in price. I recommend these in a heartbeat!

Super Hero Crown, The Merry Crown Society on Etsy, $17
I think this crown looks really fun, especially for the superhero who already has a cape. The Merry Crown Society has other super cute crowns as well.

Spiderman Finger Puppet Set, WeeKnit on Etsy, $6
I want to buy these for myself and wear them while I work. Are they not adorable? You have to go on their site and check out all of their other finger puppets. And the price? Hellooo?! Can you say, "Stocking stuffer?"

Bruce—Super Hero Monkey, tweeling on Etsy, $30
I have a thing for sock monkeys, but now I've added another dimension to my infatuation—super hero sock monkeys! Isn't Bruce (get it...Bruce Wayne?) adorable? He'd be a stuffed animal that didn't quickly find itself in the FREE box at the garage sale.

The New Captain Underpants Collection (Books 1–5),, $17
You may not like reading Captain Underpants books, but I guarantee your boys will. Dav Pilkey, rumored to have once been a boy himself, includes everything boys like in his books: pranks, monsters, boogers, characters with names like Professor Poopypants, and of course a superhero who wears nothing but his cape and his underpants. All of my boys have enjoyed these, and they read them again and again.


  1. I love this! I am so excited to look for these things for Christmas this year! Of course... my son is only 2, so let's be realistic eh? :)

  2. Hey, you can find some fun stuff for a 2YO boy, Meg! I'll make sure I highlight some things for the younger crowd in upcoming posts. Thanks for commenting!

  3. "Boogers and Burps" is an amazing name for a gift guide! Thank you so much for including something from The Merry Crown Society!